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Super Skills Development at the Coventry Citizens Advice

Simran Sanghera spent a year with Coventry Citizens Advice. Despite being thrown in at the deep end, she has come away with a new skill set and some close friends.

by Simran Sanghera, LLB Law Student (Final Year)

My name is Simran Sanghera and last year I completed a year-long legal placement at Coventry Citizens Advice. At the Citizens Advice I built the skills required for a career in Law. Although a placement is only a year long, at the Citizens Advice you are treated as a valued member of the company. Therefore, students are thrown into the deep end straight away. I started handling my own clients and caseload in my second month of being at the Citizens Advice.

The Citizens Advice provide a variety of courses to their work placements before they begin to deliver advice. For example, I shadowed various departments at the Citizens Advice such as  the debt team, senior advisors, generalist advisors and technology advisors. In addition to this, I attended an interviewing skills training program. I undertook a combination of informational and practical activities, equipping me with the skills that I needed to be able to  interview clients. The Citizens Advice also provided in-house training on various areas of practice such as: debt, employment, housing and benefits.

The friendly environment allowed me to excel and find my feet quickly. I have come out of this placement feeling ready to tackle life in the legal sector. Skills I have gained include:

  • better time management through handling my own caseload;
  • legal drafting through writing my own case reports as well as drafting emails on behalf of clients to organisations;
  • advocacy though talking on behalf of clients to organisations over the phone;
  • good customer service as I worked on the advice line, providing advice to clients over the phone; and
  • professionalism by delivering advice objectively to clients, as well as providing a professional service in regard to my investigation into the individual client’s case.

To those thinking of applying for a placement at the Coventry Citizens Advice I would say – go for it! I have been able to break out of my shell which seems to form when you go from school straight into Higher Education and have never really had exposure to a job with a high level of responsibility. I have also made friends with other students on the same placement and we have become very close.

Good luck! 🙂

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