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My time on placement at SAP; a market leader in business software and solutions

Victor Otor shares his experience of applying to and working for SAP, one of the world’s largest technology companies.

by Victor Otor, LLB Law Student (Final Year)

I am Victor Otor and I have just completed my year in industry working in the office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SAP. SAP is one of the largest technology companies in the world and they specialise in creating solutions which help companies to make their processes more efficient. My time applying for and working at SAP has taught me many lessons and, in this short blog, I will be sharing my tips for creating a strong application along with some of my experiences at SAP. I will then briefly share how my placement will affect my final year at university and beyond.

The Application Process

As a precursor, it is important to understand that applying for a placement year is a competitive process; you are likely to receive negative responses, which can be tough. However, there are lessons you can learn from each application which can help you to improve subsequent attempts. These lessons will hopefully lead to that one perfect application which will land you the role you have worked so hard to secure! Before getting to this point though, you need to first find positions for which you would like to apply.

To prepare for my applications, I made sure to research each company thoroughly. Firstly, I found out basic information like their products and services along with where they operate. After covering the basics, you should then read up on the company’s recent activities. This research is important as you can use it at the application stage to demonstrate a genuine interest. Once you have completed this, you need to map your experiences to the skills which the job description asks for.

To demonstrate my potential as a candidate, I highlighted how my modules, society activities and time at work have developed different skills. These skills included digesting lots of information, conducting research, solving problems and working in teams. These are some of the abilities you could try to highlight after analysing your own experiences.

My Experiences at SAP

Working in the COO office allowed me to gain exposure to many aspects of SAP’s business. I was invited to forecasting meetings where I gained experience in the process of sales forecasting. I also got involved with the researching and planning process for different accounts. This exposure allowed for a greater understanding of how SAP operates.

Moreover, SAP implements a 70:30 split for its interns where we are given the option to spend 30% of our time away from our main roles and work in other departments. I used this to work in their legal department to gain exposure to commercial legal work as this related to my degree. This was a great opportunity to learn more about the legal profession and gain exposure to tasks such as drafting documents and observing contract negotiations.

Outside of work, there was an employee organised weekly football meetup. These were great chances to meet other employees and get to know them better. There were also football matches and tournaments against other companies which helped with building networks with other employees.

Choosing to complete a year in industry has not only taught me so much about how to handle the rigors of the application stage, it has also allowed me to gain practical experience in the world of work.

Placement Outcomes

Choosing to complete a year in industry has not only taught me so much about how to handle the rigors of the application stage, it has also allowed me to gain practical experience in the world of work. I believe that completing my placement year will prove a benefit to my final year and beyond as I have improved my time management and organisation skills, along with developing my commercial acumen; a necessary skill for anyone looking to work in the world of business.

I hope that this blog post has shone a light on your next steps to secure that perfect placement and wish you the best of luck in doing so!

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