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Mind The Mental Health Gap – studying during a global pandemic!

Second year course rep, Caroline Texeira Gouveia, shares some of her own thoughts on mental health challenges and seeking support whilst studying during a pandemic.

Some thoughts by Caroline Texeira Gouveia, LLB International Law Student (second year)

We are living unprecedented times: a pandemic has taken the helm and caused several wrecks worldwide. Among shocking news, a flagging economy, mass persecutions, increasing death tolls, violent riots, ecocide, unemployment, political extremism, discrimination on multiple grounds… Where does our mental health fit in this frenetic mad modern society?

Have you been confronted with some “I am not good enough” or “I will never succeed” annoying ideas flowing up there? A-ha! Our minds can play really tricky games without us actually spotting them. Whenever you feel drained, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, do not hesitate to reach out! Isolation can bring undesirable sadness and threaten your sense of belonging. It is not a shame to ask for help! You are part of our CU community.

Students are putting all efforts into getting a law degree, while facing the present moment with strength, courage and resilience. You are learning from others while sharing your knowledge. You are taking steps forwards while improving your skills. You are doing way better than you think!

The mind can be easily intoxicated with negative and terrible thought patterns. Imagine your mind as a blank canvas ready to get some paintwork on. The colours you choose reflect the thoughts you think. Some of them do not depend on your taste: the senses absorb the whole reality around you. Well, studying law can be quite intense! It is crucial to stay mentally and physically fit. Take at least one hour per week for exercising and meditating: stretch your body, try basic workouts, watch films, listen to guided meditations online, get some sleep. If you can, go for a walk. If not, call a friend, e-mail a course mate or a tutor, dedicate time to a hobby you like! Nurture yourself with yummy food! Try not to put more pressure on yourself, even if that means taking a break every 10 minutes.

Did you know that Coventry University has a Welfare Team, a Mental Health Team, brilliant people ready to listen to you, to help you, to guide you, to support you? You are not a mere student here: you are a member of a family who wants you to thrive and to reach your full potential. You may need someone to talk to or extra time to complete your assessments and that is absolutely fine! Get in touch with your module leaders, tutors, progress coaches, course reps: you can always count on us. Remember, do not believe everything your mind tells you. You can do it and we are here to help!

If you are a student at Coventry University who is struggling or is in need of mental health support, please go to the Connections Matter section of the student portal, for further information about health and wellbeing support at the CU.

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