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Relationship between Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Dr Amber Darr and Dr Luo Li launched a COIL Project in March 2021 with students from the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Lahore, Pakistan. This is one of the three selected reflection pieces produced by participating students for publication in the Coventry Law School Blog.

By Ali Zain, a student at University of Management and Technology (Lahore, Pakistan) who participated in a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Project provided by Coventry University.

 Artificial Intelligence is defined as the development of a program or system of a computer to perform certain tasks that require intelligence of human mind for making decisions like visual perception and translation of languages. 

Today Artificial Intelligence is being used in a lot of fields for example Fashion Designing and Automotive Industry. It has vast amount of applications in this field. It helps a lot in these fields nowadays but there are also some complications. 

If we talk about Artificial Intelligence in fashion designing, it helps a lot in this field to create new designs with very less effort. But, it has some legal complications. In traditional Fashion Design there were fewer risks of copyrights issues. But in this era of Artificial Intelligence there is a lot of copyright issue. Designs must be copyrighted. There are no specific laws for Artificial Intelligence. So there must be specific laws for copyright in Artificial Intelligence so that no one can steal designs of other. There must be some specific laws for this purpose. 

In Automotive industry Autonomous Vehicles are being produced which drive by themselves by using Artificial Intelligence. So suppose if an accident is happened by autonomous vehicle and someone has died then against whom case of driving negligence should be filed? The person who programmed Artificial Intelligence or the person who is owner of the vehicle? Right now there are no clear laws or rules regarding this. So there must be some special rules and laws according to situation. 

We can’t use the traditional laws in this era of Artificial Intelligence. We must create some special laws for Artificial Intelligence so that we can take the advantage of this technology with fully controlled environment. 

Dr Amber Darr and Dr Luo Li launched a COIL Project in March 2021 with students from the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Lahore, Pakistan. The course comprised synchronous and asynchronous components and the students were asked to submit a 300 word reflection note as evidence of successful completion of the course. This is one of the three best pieces produced by the students.

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