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Mind 27 27: steps for student mental health support

Rebecca Gladwin-Geoghegan explains how Coventry Law School staff took on the Mind 27 27 challenge and raised funds for student mental health awareness.

By Rebecca Gladwin-Geoghegan, Associate Head of School

During March 2021, Mind a mental health charity in England and Wales set the Mind 27 27 challenge. Starting on the 1st March, the challenge was to run, jog or walk 27 miles in 27 days to raise awareness for the 27% of students that report a mental health problem whilst at University.

According to Mind more students are experiencing mental health problems than ever before, with the number of students reporting mental health problems now five times greater than it was ten years ago. The purpose of the challenge was to raise awareness of student mental health issues and funds to support the work of the charity.

As a someone who would typically shy away from running, I cannot say that the prospect of putting on my trainers excited me! However inspired by a graduate of Coventry Law School, Ninoshka Pires, who was also undertaking the challenge, it seemed like a good way to support an important cause and get some much needed physical activity after several months of lockdown. I also managed to convince other members of the Coventry Law School team to join in the effort. Myself, Dr Katrien Steenmans and Simran Basi all embarked on completing the challenge in support of student mental health awareness.

After several hours of pounding the pavements, sometimes running and sometimes walking, all three of us completed the challenge. Through the generosity of staff at Coventry Law School, the wider university and friends/family, the Coventry Law School team raised a total of £739.50 + £160.37 in Gift Aid for Mind.

The welfare of our students is a primary concern of member of Coventry Law School and there is a wealth of support available at the University. If you are a student that has been experiencing mental health issues during your studies, I implore you to speak with someone about it. Be it a family member, friend, course tutor or the amazing student welfare team, the support is out there to enable you to succeed to the best of your abilities.

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