Student Experience

Exploring Medical Negligence: An International Perspective

Lissa Dobson, first year LLB Law student, blogs about her experience of participating in a collaborative online international learning project focussing on medical negligence.

By Lissa Dobson, First Year LLB Law Student

As part of the insightful opportunities offered by Coventry Law School, ten first year students were given the opportunity to be part of a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project, focussing on exploring different perspectives on medical negligence related issues.

At first, I was overwhelmed with nerves arising from a lack of confidence in my own academic abilities, however I got the courage to apply with the support of the Law School’s progress coaches. I was successful in securing a place as one of those ten first year students. When I received the email of confirmation in taking part, I was filled with anxiousness as I felt I did not have the ability to succeed in the project largely due to my self-confidence levels being low. However, I was supported professionally by Rebecca Gladwin-Geoghegan who was the COIL project lead, who reassured me that I had the ability to engage in the project. Although apprehensive about the session, I was excited for the opportunity.

The project involved attending a Microsoft Teams session on Wednesday 24th March 2021. The project provided us with the opportunity to explore and gain knowledge of the differing legal and professional perspectives on medical negligence litigation, bringing together students from both Coventry Law School and Law students from Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) in Saudi Arabia. The online workshop explored a medical negligence case study and invited students to do further research, whilst additionally offering their perspectives on the appropriate resolution for the case, as informed by the laws of the country in which they are based. 

A case study was shared with all students in advance of the session and we were encouraged to share preliminary ideas using a Padlet. During the session, Coventry University students and PMU students were required to breakout into cohort groups, where everyone was given the fantastic opportunity to have discussions on their own knowledge and share ideas with one another. We then worked together to create a presentation using Google Slides that we shared with the students from PMU when we came back together for the joint session. We discussed how the law imposes obligations on medical practitioners in the context of the medical negligence problem scenario and compared the approaches taken in the different jurisdictions. Dr Rabai Bouderham and Dr Elfadil Eltigani Ibrahim from PMU helped the group explore broader considerations of civil liability and how law is influenced by different cultural perspectives. It was apparent that the law was not merely about providing compensation for certain behaviours but illustrated the obligations between each other within society.

Taking part in some extra curriculum within Tort Law, I have enjoyed working through the different aspects of the medical negligence. It has given me more confidence in acquiring skills such as effective communication.

I believe it is helped within my academic learning, giving me the ability to thrive as an individual. Most importantly it has enabled me to explore the different approaches that each country would take in respect of a medical negligence case study and opened my eyes to different ways of thinking about the same issue.

I am thoroughly grateful for the opportunity and would strongly encourage other students to get involved in the COIL projects on offer.

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