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Course reps – the student voice is being heard from far and wide!

What is like to be a course rep, and why are they needed? Hear from Caroline Texeira Gouveia on the key elements of her role, and how she works to improve the course experience for everyone

Hear from course rep Caroline Texeira Gouveia on what the role entails, what it’s like being one, and how she works to try and help students get the most out of their university experience.

Hello everyone!

My name is Caroline and I am a second-year International Law student. Even though I am studying online from home, I am a Student Rep at CU this academic year 2020/2021.

A course rep is a messenger, a link between us as students, and the school/university. A CUSU Student Rep volunteers to be the voice of course mates, to be an active listener, to check what students may be struggling with, and to share those concerns with the FBL Senior Reps and the Law School.

Our aim is to help students get the most out of their University experience. Based on the feedback students provide us, the Student Reps team will collaborate with the Student Union and university staff in order to enhance teaching-learning at CU. This means you can count on me, on us, to share any worries regarding your course or  your student-life as a whole!

What is it like to be a Student Rep in Law School?

Law is a particularly demanding area to study although it can be very rewarding and pleasing. We are aware that students may find it challenging to engage with the course and difficult to overcome barriers such as language, cultural and lifestyle differences. For that reason, Reps are paying attention to any obstacle that may arise. We are open to any idea, suggestion or possible change students may find necessary or relevant to their academic path or to improve the course overall.

Being a Student Rep in Law School is not only a great way to get work experience through volunteering, but to foster teamwork and solidarity among Law School students and teaching staff. Student Reps must complete training before starting their role. Reps can simultaneously develop their own skills such as leadership, communication, and time-management while working towards the building of a more interactive, inclusive, fair, and healthy environment, where dialogue is the key to success.

Law Student Reps want each student, studying on campus or online, to know they still belong to our School community and to feel their interests are being considered. Nobody will be left behind. Reps are committed to perform their duties on a daily basis and to act as the active voice of Law students. We are a driven team that wants students to thrive.

You are never alone.

Interested in studying law with us? Our Law LLB course offers you the opportunity to gain practical legal skills, develop your global experience, and get career ready, with expert staff and employment support. Current student? You can find out more about becoming a course rep on the CUSU website.

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Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to contributing more to the blog. Best wishes! Caroline.

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